We’ll help you make change happen: for your Customers, for your Business, through your People

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We know our stuff, love what we do & have fun doing it

We believe good change is infectious, we rarely stand still

We aim high: for you to shout about what we achieve together

We  listen, adapt to your needs, support & challenge you

We enjoy leading teams and delivering results too

We’d love to hear what’s in your head, and talk about how we might be able to help...

Customer Experience Design & Delivery

We know our stuff and love what we do

We’ll enable you to make your customers happy:


Business Adoption

Customer Centric Culture


Journey Mapping
& Innovation

Metrics, Measurements & ROI

Today customers and employees alike have more choice, and easy, readily available access to services, products, technology and information.  What’s more it's increasing at a rate we could have never previously imagined. Social interaction has changed the rules of engagement, influencing how we think, feel, interact with and talk about businesses and brands.


When Customers have good experiences they stay longer and are willing to pay more for your products and services. What’s more they'll openly tell others about these experiences too.  Imagine what’s possible when you deliver consistently great ones.


Not only are we passionate about customers, as certified practitioners we have external verification that we know what to do, how to do it, and can prove we've done it too. We can help you deliver step change results for your customers and your business alike.


Business Transformation

We believe good change is infectious, we rarely stand still

We can help you make good change stick:

Technology Enabling  & Partnering

Business Adoption

Fit-gap Assessment

Process Design & Continuous Improvement



We start with listening to understand the needs of your customers, your people & the market. Together we’ll identify what gives you the right to compete and win, both now and in the future, and how we can make it a reality.


We’re here to help you focus. Working with the leadership teams across your business, we’ll help you benchmark what great looks like.


Whether it is choosing the right technologies and how they join up, or developing & building your plans to disrupt the market.  We will help you prioritise opportunities, create the foundations for change, and develop the roadmap to get you there.


Embedding Cultural Change

Creating a passion for change & foundations for continuous customer improvement

For Your

For Your Customer

Through Your People

Our aim is high: we want you to shout about what we achieve together

Creating a customer centric culture is hard. It can feel a long and challenging journey, demanding support and commitment top down & bottom up. It requires aligned objectives and consistent standards of service, regardless of channel.


Whether your drivers are acquisition, development, restructuring or strategic change, we will help you build a plan for success. We’ll help your teams to think and act differently on behalf of your customers, across every interaction.  Together we’ll bring your vision to life through compelling stories, enabling a passion and accountability for change.


Working with you to develop strategies and tactical plans that put your customer at the centre of all you do. Creating a foundation of continuous customer improvement.

People Development & Business Coaching

We’ll listen, adapt to your needs, support
& challenge you

We’ll help you engage and empower your people:

Coaching & Mentoring

Training Workshops

Leadership Assessment

 CX Hubs, Labs & Bootcamps

Recruitment & Resourcing

Did you know that more than 30% of change programmes fail because people don’t buy in to them?  A further 30% because they lack management support.  At Focal Chord, we’re as passionate about developing people, as we are customers. With years of operational experience we know first-hand what teams are capable of, when they feel empowered and engaged to do so.


It’s natural in work to look up and copy behaviours. The reality is that step-change performance & sustainable results requires role-model leadership.


We can help you build a team, manage your talent & succession pipelines, and develop your leadership capabilities. We can build sales & service standards and tailor customer experience capabilities to suit your needs.

Testimonials, Awards & Case Studies

Always listening, always learning and looking to improve


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2016: Global Customer Innovation Award, The Forum.

2014: Top 50 for CS & No. 1 for B2B, ICMI.

2014: Best CS Centre, China CC & BPO Assoc.

2014: Gold Star CS Excellence, Hong Kong Assoc.

2011: Employer of Year, European CS Awards.

2008: C.Centre of Year, UK National CS Awards.




Case Studies

Interim Management Solutions

We enjoy leading teams & delivering results too

Customer Service


Project Management


Customer Experience


Sometimes in order to sustain results and deliver business goals, you will have a gap that needs filling quickly. You may also be looking for someone to lead, land and embed strategic change.


In both cases an interim appointment may be the right solution and a cost effective way to bridge a gap. Providing you with immediate knowledge & expertise, as well as a fresh leadership perspective.


We’re used to hitting the ground running. Our experienced team can provide continuity, deliver immediate results and help embed change. Whatever is required, you can trust us until the task is completed, or the role filled permanently. What’s more, we enjoy doing it too.


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Customer Publications, Our Own Thoughts, Learnings & Opinions

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We’d love to hear what’s in your head, and talk about how we might be able to help...

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